Since 2015, I am an associate professor at IMT-Atlantique (Brest, France) and reseacher at lab-STICC (French CNRS laboratory). My main research interests are focused on Mathematics applied to geophysics. It includes aspects on statistical modeling, stochastic processes, inverse problem, data assimilation, remote sensing data, satellite synergy.

I received the Master degree in applied Mathematics from Agrocampus Ouest & Univ. Rennes II (France) and the PhD degree from the Oceanography from Space Laboratory of IFREMER (Brest, France) in 2010. I spent two years as a postdoctoral researcher with the Atmospheric Science Research Group, Univ. Corrientes (Argentina), and three years with Télécom Bretagne.

Since my PhD studies, I have been teaching applied Mathematics, Probability and Statistics: spatial and temporal models, geostatistics, multivariate statistics, stochastic differential equation, chaotic models, filtering methods, etc… I also give practices in machine learning, big data and cloud computing using the Google cloud platform.

I am the head of the organizing committee of:

  • Ocean Remote Sensing Synergy (summer school, 2014-2015-2016, Brest, France, more details here)
  • Data Science & Environment (workshop + summer school, 3-7 July 2017, Brest, France, more details here).


  • Data assimilation: error covariance estimation, spatio-temporal interpolation
  • Physical modeling: parameter estimation, emulation using analog forecasting
  • Satellite data: radiometer (SST), altimeter (SSH, currents), SAR (wave mode)
  • Stochastic filtering: state-space models, Ensemble Kalman methods, Particle filters
  • Statistical inference: Expectation-Maximization algorithm, Maximum A Posteriori
  • Machine learning: analog methods, deep learning
  • Big Data: cloud computing (Google Cloud Platform)